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Have confidence in your instructors

All of our instructors are Fencing Officials Commission-certified referees, we are the only club with FOC referees in the city. Of course, it is essential to train with instructors who know the rules as they are applied nationally.

All of our coaches are vetted by several regulatory bodies for the sport. Our instructors are members of, and hold qualifications with, the United States Fencing Coaches Association (the USFCA), United States Fencing Association (the USFA), and have passed background checks and SafeSport training requirements as per USFA regulations.


Have confidence in your training

All of our fencers receive tailored, one-on-one coaching as part of their standard lessons and benefit from slow motion video review of their fencing to supplement their training.


have confidence in your club

All of our members benefit from our inclusive atmosphere and culture of learning. Through the study of the sport, we cultivate personal development and problem solving skills via bladework.


We take pride in providing a low barrier of entry into the sport to prospective fencers.