COACHing staff



Randal Hicks started fencing in 1992 at Redlands Fencing Center in Oklahoma City under Maestro Jerry Benson and continued his studies under Maestros Robert Fiegel, Vincent Bradford, Abdel Salem and others. He earned his C rating in epee in 1994 and a C rating in foil by winning the Oklahoma Division Open Foil tournament that same year. In 2001, Ran earned his A rating in epee by winning the Rose Condon Memorial tournament, and renewed this A rating by winning the Rose Condon again in 2004. In 2006 Ran finished the season ranked in the top 20 nationally.


  • 1995 USFCA Moniteur of Foil, Epee, and Saber

  • 1995 USFA Basic Epee Instructor

  • 1995 USFA Foil Instructor Level 1

  • 1998 USFA Foil Instructor Level 3

  • 1998 USFA Epee Instructor Level 2

Results Highlights:

  • 2017 Duel at Dallas VET Men's Epee - 5th

  • 2017 NAC Veteran Men's Epee - 20th

  • 2017 NAC VET50 Men's Epee - 32nd

  • 2013 National Championships VET50 Men's Epee - 19th

  • 2013 NAC VET50 Men's Epee - 9th

  • 2006 NAC VET40 Men's Epee - 6th

  • 2004 Rose Condon Memorial (Epee) - 1st2001 Rose Condon Memorial (Epee) - 1st

  • 1998 Duel in Dallas (Epee) - 1st

  • 1995 Oklahoma Open (Foil) - 1st

  • 994 Oklahoma Open (Epee) - 1st

Daniel Diep

Club owner and instructor, Daniel started fencing his freshman year of college at the University of Florida under coaches Bruce Capin, Andrew Scheuermann, and Amir Rubin and is still an active competitor.

He is currently a Moniteur of Foil through the United States Fencing Coaches Association and holds referee ratings of 7, 8, and 8 in foil, épée, and saber, respectively, through the Fencing Officials Commission.


  • 2015 USFCA Moniteur of Foil

  • 2016 FOC Foil Referee 7

  • 2016 FOC Epee Referee 7

  • 2016 FOC Saber Referee 8

Jacob Deweese

As a volunteer, Jacob assists in leading club practices. He holds referee ratings of 8 in both foil and épée and continues to compete in local, regional, and national tournaments.


  • 2015 FOC Foil Referee 8

  • 2015 FOC Epee Referee 8