Earnest, modern instruction


The Tulsa Fencing Alliance is a no-frills fencing club offering modern, informed instruction from coaches passionate about the sport.



Dedication to education

We are dedicated to providing the best training environment in the city to our fencers. Our goal is to allow fencers who have trained at our club to take their knowledge of the sport to any other city or university club in the nation and feel right at home again.

Attention to an evolving sport

Our coaches routinely seek out continuing education opportunities in coaches' and referees' clinics and seminars to remain up-to-date on national trends and changes in rules interpretations. Our club proudly hosts the only instructors (and fencers) in the city with nationally certified ratings from the Fencing Officials Commission for the refereeing of competitive bouts.

The benefit: Our fencers here train under the same refereeing and rules interpretations as they would encounter at regional and national events.